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This Quest is the initial starting point of a leader’s readiness.  The development of a leader begins with leading by example. No matter the situation, industry, or profession, a leader must possess common capabilities, attributes, and skills to inspire group performance. 

Participants learn how leadership is more grind than glory and how the impact of leading by example facilitates team performance. The leader’s ability to influence action is dependent on their level of care, expertise, and advocacy for the team and the project. 

As a result of the training, participants will comprehend the responsibility, accountability, and depth of which their influence guides team performance. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Define leadership and its impact
  • Understand BE, KNOW, and DO leadership
  • Explore character traits of leaders
  • Discern the difference of Management and Leadership
  • Utilize the Leadership Span of Control
  • Evaluate and influence ethical behavior
  • Introduction to the Dimensions of Leadership
  • Learn to lead High Performing Teams

Hi! My name is Michael and I am a Three Six Zero Leadership coach with over 20 years of leadership experience. Diversity is my middle name as I am a published poet, former triathlete, combat veteran, entrepreneur, father and leadership coach. Born and raised in 'Philly', I'm a die hard Eagles fan and graduated from Temple University and Villanova University. I look forward to working with you as you enhance your leadership skills.

Quest Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Michael
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Defining Leadership

    Meet the leadership community and your coach. Level 1 provides the basic nuts and bolts that make the basis of leadership. The lesson is the same introduction taught to US Army Rangers and the rest of the US Army.

  • Level 02

    Leadership from the Inside Out

    Beliefs, Values, and Norms are important because they are guidelines for a person’s actions. Our beliefs can influence our behavior, so we need to develop the self-awareness to align with others professionally..

  • Level 03

    The Principles of Leadership

    Leaders must possess strong character traits and qualities that make them effective to your team. We refer to these leadership characteristics as the BE, KNOW, and DO of leadership.

  • Level 04

    Leadership Presence

    Getting out in front and leading people isn't easy. However, these Missions will better prepare you to take charge confidently.

  • Level 05

    Quest Summary and Survey

    Go through a summary of everything you learned and take a quick survey

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